Why You Should Switch To Magnetic Eyelashes And Eyeliner?

The phenomenon of false eyelashes and eyeliner is a long standing tradition amongst women that like the sultry effect of extra long and fluttery eyelashes and the sexy vibe they exude, but despite their use and prominence among women and the beauty industry itself, this skill remains elusive and difficult to master.

We are all familiar with the horrors of the lost and disjointed broken false eyelashes, the crusty white glue that messes up your liner that you worked hours on just to touch it back up before stepping out for an event. Luckily for falsies lovers and women everywhere, the new alternative is so much faster and so much easier, giving you all the more reason to switch to magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner. For natural magnetic eyelashes with eyeliner kit check here.

  magnetic eyelashes

 A Sultry Sandwich

Gone are the days of taking forever trying to align your lashes to your lash line only to have it move or settle in the wrong place. Magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner get rid of glue and the trials of its perilous application. Using too much or too little of the glue can leave your eyelids looking heavy and crunchy, or like you've got a stye.

With this easier alternative, all you have to do is draw on the eyeliner that contains magnetic particles and make a fashionable eyelash sandwich, eliminating all the fuss and mess that comes with doing it all yourself. Despite the premise of having magnetic particles, magnetic falsies actually feel a lot lighter than your traditional lashes.


Preserves Your Natural Lashes

Aside from removing the crusty feeling of having dried up eyelash glue, the magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner combo actually provide a protective shield for your real lashes if you're looking to grow them out and nurture them while they're under wraps, a similar effect to press on nails, allowing your natural features to be nourished and grow.

With magnetic eyelashes, you eliminate the risk of eyelash fallout and damage to the skin from the glue. There is no longer any need to pull and tug on your eyelash roots and risking ripping them off the follicle which can also put you in danger of irritation or infection from the damaged eyelid skin. Say goodbye to inflamed eyelid skin thanks to the easy going best magnetic eyeliner that hooks your eyelash extensions together.


Are Magnetic Eyelashes Safe?

Eyelash glue can be a tricky and toxic thing, some cheaper off brand ones can even be dangerous and damaging, so why risk it? This way, there are no unwanted chemicals and irritants that could cause reactions or long lasting damage. This way you can be toxicity free while enjoying your new fashion options. This variant is actually so much more hygienic.


Pristine Eyeliner

In addition to getting rid of irritants, the magnetic technology of this variant preserves your eyeliner and won't let your hard work and dedication smudge away. Instead of the glue, the magnetic particles of the eyeliner place the magnetic eyelashes exactly where they need to be with no mess and no fuss.