What are the Advantages of Using an Eyeglass Strap?

If you wear eyeglasses and you don't need them all the time because your prescription isn't that strong, they're readers or bifocals, so you'd actually see better without them in some situations, etc, you might be annoyed about needing to find somewhere to put them...

No matter the reason for not needing to wear your glasses all the time, you might be considering an eyeglass strap to eliminate that annoyance. Glasses strap prevent the glasses from falling off while wearing it during movements.

There are many good reasons to buy one, which I'll talk about:

  • You'll save space in your purse
  • You'll save time
  • You won't lose your glasses
  • You won't need to put your glasses in your pocket
  • You won't mess your hair up
  • They're inexpensive

You'll Save Space in Your Purse

If you don't want to carry around a large purse or maybe don't want to carry a purse at all, this would eliminate that need. Or will save room for something else, like a snack or your phone, if you like a small purse and have limited space. If you do have a large purse and you need your glasses quickly, this brings to my next reason...

You'll Save Time

If you do like a large purse, you know the struggle of trying to actually find something quickly in it! With an eyeglass strap, you wouldn't have to dig in your purse for them.

You Won't Lose Your Glasses

Okay, say you decide to put your glasses down beside you, you could risk losing them or forgetting where you put them, if you walked away to use the bathroom in a public place or had to do a chore around the house. An eyeglass strap would eliminate that worry.

You Won't Have to Put Your Glasses in Your Pocket

Putting your glasses in your shirt pocket might be okay, but what if you didn't have a shirt pocket? And, obviously you couldn't put them in your pants pocket, or you'd break them! Some glasses are expensive if you have to pay out of pocket, and not to mention the inconvenience of replacing them. And even if you use cheap readers, this can still add up, so you want to look after them...

You Won't Mess Your Hair Up

You could push your glasses up over your hair, so they're resting on top of your head, but you might be messing up your do. And another, more practical reason, you might have to bend over and they could slip off your head.

They're Inexpensive

Of course, this will depend on where you buy them, brand, etc., but generally, they're not that expensive. Like, I mentioned above, if you have to pay out of pocket for your prescriptions, they can be expensive. Or, if you're misplacing or breaking your cheaper readers, this can add up over time, so you'll want to take care of your glasses. This makes an eyeglass strap a wise investment.

They can also be a fun, inexpensive fashion accessory, as well as being practical. Since they're inexpensive, you can also buy a few and have fun mixing and matching colours and patterns to match your glasses and outfits!