Why You Should Get Yourself a Workout Resistance Bands?

Why are workout resistance bands so popular? It seems as though every fitness coach has got their trainees working out in them at their home gyms. You see exercise bands being used by celebrities, social media influencers, even family and friends that have recommended them to you. Here are the many reasons why resistance bands are beneficial.



What Are They?

Resistance bands were originally utilized in the rehabilitation of injury patients who want to get back into working out or to aid in bettering their movement and physical health. Because of their initial utilitarian purpose, they were initially built using surgical tubing and can vary builds from being tubular or flat.

What Are They For?

Workout Resistance bands are workout implements used to compliment weight or body weight training by adding resistance. They either make a workout more difficult and provide a challenge or make it slightly easier for people who are just getting into exercising and may not necessarily have the adequate strength for what a regimen might require of them.


Different Types of Resistance Bands

Resistance bands come in different sizes, tensions, and levels of resistance. These levels of resistance are indicated by their color. This color coding signals that the lighter the color, the least resistance you'll get. This is great for people with varying levels of athleticism to know which band is compatible with them.


Flat Bands

Flat bands are the simplest form as they lack any handles or grip. They are the smaller alternatives and are color coded. These are commonly used for rehabilitation or for athletes warming up before a run or weightlifting.


Pull Up Bands

These are much more maneuverable than flat bands and good for people that are newbies to working out.


Resistance Tubes

These types of resistance bands are helpful for people who don't have exercise equipment as these bands can be anchored on furniture in the home thanks to the handles attached to both of their ends. For people who are practicing body weight training, they can use resistance tubes to add more of a challenge.


Benefits of Resistance Bands

Now that we've identified just a few of the variations of resistance bands and why they're helpful, it's time to look at why they're beneficial.

Rehabilitation - Resistance bands are beneficial for people that are going through physical therapy and are easy to use and learn for people that are just now getting into fitness.

Portable - Compared to heavier equipment such as kettle bells, resistance bands are much lighter and can fit basically anywhere along with your other equipment. They are lightweight and can be taken anywhere so you can workout everywhere.

Inexpensive - These bands in any of their variations are easy to find and are even easier on the wallet compared to other workout implements and equipment.

Better Workouts - With resistance bands, you can build muscle tone and definition so much faster when complimenting a regular workout with resistance training. It aims to improve endurance as it is inherently lower impact. It helps maximize your movements for full body workouts as it modifies your usual experience.

Progression - Resistance bands are good for the progression of your health and workout regimen as you proceed up different resistance and difficulty levels. This builds muscle mass in the long run and helps weight loss.