Tech Guide 101: Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds 5.0 re-analyzed

Music gives us the feeling of how we want to express ourselves. We listen to music whether to partner it with the weather or with our mood in a day. This makes us feel the vibe of the music better. But time passed by and technological innovations have been introduced to the music industry. One of the most adored technological advancement is the Bluetooth earphones.


What do you need to know before buying wireless Bluetooth earbuds 5.0?



Bluetooth wireless earbuds are earbuds that are connected through the media streaming technology with the use of Bluetooth. This invention has received many positive comments as it is very convenient to use. In comparison to the wired headphones, Bluetooth wireless earbuds let you move freely without the interference of the wire.


1. Bluetooth 5.0 connection

  • RANGE. Bluetooth version 5.0 has surpassed its former versions in terms of range and speed. According to an article, Bluetooth 5.0 has a range of about 200 meters. This has been compared to the 4.2 version of Bluetooth which can only reach about 50 meters. That means the 5.0 version is 4 times better than the 4.2 version.
  • SPEED. Bluetooth version 5.0 has a transmission speed of about 2mbps whereas the 4.2 version has only 1mbps. Which means it is 2 times faster than the older version.
  • BATTERY. Gamers and music lovers tend to listen to music for long hours. This is why the battery is one of its best improvements. Many technological experts said that Bluetooth 5.0 has been specifically designed to consume less power while not compromising its ability.


2. Wireless

Depending on your activity, wired or wireless has its advantages and disadvantages. Wired headsets are usually by desktop gamers who play for long hours as it does not need to be charged. On the other hand, wireless earbuds are for those who hate the hassle caused by wires on their headsets. Examples are listed below.

  • Traveling - most people love wireless headsets during traveling as it does not limit their movement. When it is connected to your phone, you are free to use your phone and put it on your backpack or pocket without worrying about the wires.
  • Dancing - Most dancers use loud sounds for dance practices. But for those who are practicing in places that don't allow loud music, wireless earbuds are the best choice. This is also good for very private people who don't want others to know about what music they are dancing to.


3. Noise-canceling

Some wireless earbuds also support noise-canceling features. This feature is excellent for gaming and trips. This feature allows you to hear the audio better and clearer, especially in loud places. This will also help you concentrate on whatever you are doing. Check this link for Amazon Wireless Earbuds.



Wireless Bluetooth earbuds version 5.0 has many benefits that are better than its previous versions. Some of its noteworthy advancements are range, speed, and battery. These are the most basic features that should be considered before buying wireless headsets with Bluetooth 5.0. Going wireless rather than wired headsets have its advantages mostly on wire hassles. Some wireless headsets also have noise-canceling features that are excellent for concentration and focus.

If these Bluetooth 5.0, wireless, and noise-canceling features for headsets amazes you, then you should probably buy one.