Which Wireless Mouse is Best for Gaming?

It is very important to make yourself comfortable when playing computer games. From gaming chairs to high-end computers, there are lots of options to make your gaming excellent and feel more professional. These accessories can help you feel the game and do a great job. One of the most important parts of the computer is the mouse. Without the mouse, the cursor of the computer won't move.


What is a vertical wireless mouse?

Compared to the wired mouse, a wireless mouse allows the user to move the cursor without the hassle of the wirings. Wireless mice can also be accessed from a long distance. This is very ideal for players who don't like the hassle of having cord problems most of the time. Vertical wireless mouse is designed with ergonomic considerations. It also targets certain problems such as tension and strain.

Best vertical wireless mouse for gaming in 2021

1 Jelly comb vertical mouse

According to gaming experts, this vertical mouse is specifically designed to help the user get a better grip. This vertical mouse is very much recommended as it is affordable and efficient. The design of the mouse is also shaped to minimize tension from long hours of gaming. It also boasts its high range of responsiveness.

2 Autley vertical mouse

This vertical mouse is specifically designed for gamers who have big hands. This allows the gamers with big hands to get a good grip on the mouse. Gamers often recommend this mouse due to its silent click feature which is good for people with sensitive ears. This mouse is considered budget-friendly as it is said to be durable and has a high-quality performance.

3 Anker 2.4G vertical mouse

This vertical gaming mouse boasts its lightweight design with approximately 3.4 oz. Professional gamers also recommend this due to its powerful features. It can last for long periods of gaming as it is also designed with prolonged battery life. What sets this mouse apart from other mice is its power-saving mode. With all these extreme features, this vertical gaming mouse is very ideal and worth purchasing.

4 Logitech MX vertical mouse

This vertical mouse boasts its ergonomic design as it specifically caters to the reduction of the user's muscle strain. It is also designed with Bluetooth and USB receiver that can allow itself to be connected to a maximum of three different devices. With regards to its battery, this vertical mouse is rechargeable as compared to other mice. Professionals say that this mouse can last for up to about 4 months on one charge process.

5 Kensington vertical mouse

This vertical mouse is designed to let the gamers assume handshake gesture when using it. This is to prevent your wrist from exerting too much effort throughout the long period of gaming. It has five DPI modes and six buttons in total. It can stay connected for as far as 10 meters in range. The feature that sets it apart from other mice is its auto-sleep function and low-battery indicator. These functions help preserve and alert the gamers on its battery level.


The mouse is one of the most important accessories of a computer. There are several types of mice such as wired, wireless, or vertical. All of these types cater to different needs or targets a specific quality for gamers to enjoy. Most vertical mice are ergonomically designed with considerations of DPI range, power, and other specific types of comfort for gamers.