Why Should You Get a Clear iPhone 12 Case?

Mobile phones have become a necessity to most people nowadays. This is because it can provide entertainment, social media, and most importantly communication. Many people bring their phones with them almost everywhere so that they could be contacted anytime and anywhere. However, some phones are not durable that when they accidentally slipped out of people's hands, they can be damaged both internally and externally. On the other hand, there are great mobile phone cases that come with expert styles, fancy styles, and extreme protection features.


iPhone Durability

iPhones are prone to external damage when it slips out of the user's hands. According to statistical analysis, about 30% of iPhones are reported damaged through accidents. These accidental damages include those falling from a high location, accidentally sat on, and many other damages of the like. However, some cases can protect iPhones from damages. The most recommended cases are those clear iPhone cases.

The iPhone 12

The latest release of the iPhone is the iPhone 12 series. Apple has been removing or changing some of its physical features but has also been upgrading some of them. Apple has made the latest iPhone model become four times drop-resistant compared to the old models because it uses a ceramic shield. On some durability test videos, the sides of the iPhone 12 are harder to scratch which makes it stand out from its predecessors. However, as the saying goes, "it's better safe than sorry" so it's recommended for you to get the iPhone 12 case to protect it from any forms of damages.

The iPhone clear case

Although Apple has added extra durability features to the new iPhone 12, you should still be extra careful so that it stays in good condition. The iPhone 12 clear case can protect your phone while still showing off its beautiful design. Most iPhone 12 clear cases are designed with a shockproof resistance feature. This feature saves the iPhone from extreme drop damages. It is also great for protection from scratches.

All the models of iPhone 12 have clear cases: iPhone 12 clear case, iPhone 12 pro clear case, and iPhone 12 pro max clear case.


Why you should get yourself a clear iPhone case?

1) Increase Protection

In comparison to those fancy or shiny cases, iPhone 12 clear cases are focused on protection. It is most usually designed with 4-corners shockproof features. These are proven effective on iPhones through series of tests. It can withstand falling from certain heights without getting severely damaged.

2) Transparent Design

Its clear design can highlight the design of the iPhone 12 while still protecting it. Clear cases are appealing to most iPhone users because it is as if you're not using a case. If you're artistic, you can paint on the clear case and make it unique. You can make it your own and make it stand out apart from other cases. These are called the DIY cases which use clear cases as their main item.

3) Cheaper Option

Fancy and elegant cases usually cost higher than those of clear cases. It is also known that more functional cases such as cases with covers, ring holders, and cardholders can cost more. Clear cases are designed as simple as transparent and no artsy design. This is what makes it cheaper than other cases.


The latest release of the iPhone, which is the iPhone 12 series, has been improved physically. It uses a ceramic shield which is four times better on damages of accidental drop issues. However, the use of the iPhone 12 clear case is recommended on all models as it can still be scratched on its sides. Most clear cases feature shockproof resistance that may able to protect your iPhone on certain heights or levels of damages. The three main advantages of iPhone clear cases are increased protection, clear design, and cheaper option.